Ad networks a scam

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Ad networks a scam
5 (49) votes its a pay per click ad / content discovery company, similar to .
I have used them for a month and earned up to 1300$ .
When i have asked them for the payment, they have deleted my account. After many tries to contant them i get told that the earnings are “writen off” and “Hope you understand” . 
Stay away from them , they are a SCAM company that DOSENT PAY.

Adxxx company today closed my account for reason of fraud (so they say) we had received $ 700 and even payment day they found a fraud. I asked him to show me what I defrauded but they did not even have given me rekindle interest nor any official support adxxx only adxxx eugenia and apologized so, well I need your apology? I’ve put ads absolutely no fraud in the payment day and I just channeled my adxxx this reason? so are you serious company? I do not recommend ADXXX

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