Earn Money on trymyapps with IOS device(US Apple ID) for free apps

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    Trymyapps is an app for iPhone/iPod users(US Apple ID). Users help to promote the task apps and in return to get relative revenue as the payment.

    Steps to complete tasks:

    #.Click Accept to claim a new task

    #.Long-press the key word and click Search in App store

    #.Locate the correct app according to the icon and ranking provided in trymyapps

    #.Just download the correct app you have located

    #.Try out the app for at least 4 minute.

    #.Once you've tried the app, you will directly get $0.4 for per task.

    Plus, you can get even more rewards when you share your referral code with your friends on iOS. You get 50% of their rewards for the first ten tasks.

    How to withdraw money from trymyapps:

    To withdraw the payment from trymyapps:

    Requirements: the minimum withdrawal amount for the 1st time is $1

    2nd time $3

    3rd $5, the 4th, 5th... is $5

    #. Find Revenue tab and click it

    #.Find Withdraw button and enter your passoword

    #.Click Ok and enter your withdrawal amount.

    After all these are done, trymyapps will receive a withdrawal request and will deal with it within 1-2 business days. Once the payment is sent sucessfully, users will receive an email as a notification.

    To download trymyapps, you can directly search it on your safari.

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