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    Tình hình là tiếng anh của em gà mờ. Mới nhận được cái thông báo mới của Paypal nên nhờ các bác tư vấn xem phải làm gì? Và có bác nào nhận được mail giống em không ạ?

    Changes required to your PayPal integration to continue accepting payments.
    Changes required to your PayPal integration to continue accepting payments.

    As a leader in payments, PayPal continually invests in technology to protect our customers’ information. Security and safety are our top priorities, and we are in the process of implementing a series of security upgrades this year. These upgrades ensure our security measures continue to be a model for best practice and incorporate industry standards, including those set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council.

    Most importantly, the upgrades will allow us to continue to provide the highest level of security available for our customers.

    Do I need to do something?

    Yes. We’ve identified that the security upgrades we are making will require changes to your PayPal integration. By making these changes you’ll help future-proof your systems, remain up to date on security measures and ensure your business continues to accept payments.

    There are six areas that our security upgrades will impact and we’ve identified the areas that need your attention. The chart below shows whether you will need to make changes, or if your business is already compliant or does not use that functionality.

    How do I make these changes?

    The details on the required changes and how to action them, can be found on our 2016 Merchant Security Roadmap Microsite.

    We also encourage you to speak with your web hosting company, e-commerce software provider or in-house web programmer/system administrator for further assistance in implementing these changes, if needed.

    What will happen if I don’t make the changes by the due date?

    Our security upgrades will be implemented over the coming months and if you have not made the necessary changes by the dates shown in the table above, your merchants will be unable to accept payments with PayPal until you do so. The exception to this is change #4: IP Address Update for PayPal Secure FTP Servers, which will restrict access to reports from PayPal’s SFTP server if the change has not been made by 14 April 2016.

    If you require further assistance, please go to our Technical Support Portal and raise a ticket selecting “Security Changes (TLS/Certificate)” within the Product dropdown.
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    cai nay chỉ là ve bảo mật thoi chu co gi dau
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    Vậy mình có cần phải làm gì không bạn. HÌnh như phải khai báo IP hay gì đó mà
  4. oritrang

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    nó ghi rành rành rồi do
  5. oritrang

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    nang cap bảo mật
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    Mình có 2 cái tài khoản thì nó báo cả hai. vãi. hic hic
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    thì nâng cap bao mat len,luc truoc tớ phải nhờ nguoi quen gui tien cafe mới xong
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    bác muốn thì inbox mail lien lac tớ giúp

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